About Thomas Jefferson's LiveJournal

What if Thomas Jefferson were alive today? What if the founding fathers were still around? What would they say about the way we live? Some of these questions are explored when writer of the Declaration of Independence and philosopher behind the American Revolution, Thomas Jefferson, is transported to the year 2003 through a freak time traveling accident, and starts up an internet weblog to record his thoughts and adventures in today's time with Daniel, his all-too-American roommate.

PAOracle.com is the official home of the Thomas Jefferson Blog where you can read the entire first edition of this book for free. I was interested in creating a second edition - with missing editor's notes and bonus material - for publication, so you may soon be able to read the story for yourself offline at your leisure. If you are new to the story and want to start at the beginning, this site has an easy to use feature that lets you browse the entries in chronological order, to catch up with Thomas Jefferson in the 21st century.

The Thomas Jefferson Blog, or "TeeJ" as we like it call it, was a part of NAMyth.com. The 'NAM was a website dedicated towards promoting Libertarian ideas by attacking the many myths behind the new American culture. We hope that Thomas Jefferson's adventures bring a little Old American Truth to face this New American Myth. Unfortunately I took down NAMyth.com in early 2010 and consolidated the blog with my personal page, PAOracle.com.

Bringing Old American Truth to confront the New American Myth

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