The Good Word

My Thoughts On: December 5th, 2004

Well, it's been a while since I've done an update, but I figure I might as well take a moment to tell everyone how I'm doing. Work right now is frustrating and mind-numbing, but really, I've grown to expect it. Being a capitalist, I know the value of work, and to tell you the truth, knowing what I work for (sustenance) makes what I receive (money) that much more meaningless. To me, money is a means to provide for my ends, and really there are few ends I need to meet right now. I'm fairly frugal and the bachelor lifestyle has fully set in... although sometimes I think of it as being suspended in a low sensory depravation chamber where my only output to the world is a good game of Halo 2 (my gamertag is Good ol PA) and playing Skydiving on my new cell phone, or whatever new past-time I manage to use to fill in the gaps between now and when I'm too old to be continuing living like this.

It's the holiday season and I can't help but be bothered by it. Let me offer each of you a bit of worldly wisdom, the holiday season is a terrible facade perpetrated upon us by the greedy and emotionally shallow. It's a time of false sincerities and shattered expectations. Sure it's nice to get a gift, and nice to give them, but the exchange itself has become so terribly insincere, and if I represent anything, it's sincerity. I hope to abstain from the holidays as much as possible. People don't understand that attitude either, which gets me the most. They've spent every year with their parents, as their parents did with their grandparents before them, celebrating the same tired traditions: tree, yuletide, Santa, presents, etc. No one really knows why they do it or why anyone still holds on to the less than fashionable story of Santa Claus. It's supposed to be a religious holiday but that is so secularized in a mist of paganistic worship and crass commercialism that it's hard to tell what exactly it's supposed to be. Nothing magical about celebrations of the Winter solstice and Yule being mashed together with modern Christianity and Wal-Mart, and all you ever have to show for it is a bunch of people who believe being a good person is to swallow your honesty and trade it in for a fake grin and childlike giddiness up till Christmas day. And where the hell is Jesus in any of this? Besides the nativity scene and a few carols, few people actually even care that it's the celebration of the birth of the Christian savior. Then people wonder why I (an Atheist) do not celebrate it. Bah, humbug!

My mom doesn't seem to care much if I celebrate or not, and still sent her son some money, a little to my dismay and concern of course. As any poor single man would do, I went out immediately and bought a centerpiece of American bachelorism...

The George Foreman Grill
The George Foreman Grill!

Yes, the George Foreman grill, the Lean Mean Fat Reducing Ass Kicking Grilling Machine! As you can see, it is a masterpiece of modern architecture. It has two grilling sides on the top and bottom, to make the art of grilling so much more timely and efficient. It is built on a slant as to siphon away heart-stopping fattiness, not that you would ever buy such a beautiful thing to get thin, oh no. Eating hearty is what the George Foreman grill is all about. It makes good food so fast that it's hard to choke it all down before you're ready for more. To top it off, it has a bun warming device on the top, transparent as you can clearly see from the aforementioned illustration, so I can stare at my buns warming as my patties sizzle, all I gotta say is... sexy! I've seen more than my fair share of popcorn in my life, and as wretched as the substance is, I couldn't be more enthused that this grill also came with a hot air popper, essentially for free. It also came with a hot pot, but I immediately deemed the thing totally useless, as there is nothing I can imagine myself needing a hot pot for. Sure it's good for cooking roasts and such, but there is no food I should have to decide to eat 8 hours before I'm hungry enough to actually eat it. That's something I protest on principle alone.

Life is a slow process of enrichment, and as much as my life isn't really glamorous, I can honestly say I appreciate every little step I can manage to take. I've got a few new projects coming along, helping a demolished create a new script, which is going to be a big pain in the ass, but it'll be worth it when it's done. TeeJ and Campaign: 2016 will be updated soon, and despite the stagnation lately I'm going to have plenty of new projects to start working on. Particularly my December is the month that signals the beginning of when I have to start thinking of what I'm going to do for the 12 Days of Liberty (April 2nd-13th), which means a hell of a lot more to me than Christmas does, and since it's 12 days long, it even kicks Hanukkah's ass! That's still not till next year, although, with the general shittiness December always brings, please don't blame me for looking forward.

Your humble servant,

- Good ol' PA