The failures of the Party,

My Thoughts On: November 3rd, 2004

The Libertarian campaign was excellent this year, however, our turnout was simply not enough to capitalize on the good opportunity before us. We are still the largest third party, however, Nader managed to get more votes than Badnarik by doing little more than being the media's "independent viewpoint" novelty gimmick. Badnarik's campaign was excellent... which leads me to believe it's not the campaign that makes the election. I fully intend to address this topic more fully on my Campaign 2016 blogger tomorrow. Also coming tomorrow will be a new TeeJ post-election update, which I think you all will enjoy.

In the meantime, a few good things, a few bad things. Between Bush and Kerry, I prefered Bush to win, and he did. I did not need to vote for Bush to know he was going to win, although I had my last minute doubts... moreso, the difference between the two is so slight that I can hardly consider it a victory for anyone that he won. Badnarik still did a good job and so did the party, but we did fail in usurping the #3 spot for ourselves.

As for me, I'm enjoying myself, and spending time trying to get a little legislation of my own moving. In the meantime, keep checking back. All in all, a disappointing election, however, it proved and demonstrated a lot of essential things I believe. In the big picture, it went off as expected, although quite a bit weaker from the Libertarians than I was hoping. I feel good about my vote, and believe the only wasted vote is one you didn't believe in.