Good ol' PA Speaks Out

My Thoughts On: September 18th, 2004

I always feel apologetic when I write an update to my homepage, because if I'm writing an update for this page, why am I not writing updates for all my other far more important projects?

Anyways, look forward to a TeeJ update in the next week, probably Sunday. Unfortunately, I don't see my Little Black Book growing too quickly, as my creative energies are essentially drained, but I hope to get back to finishing Chapter 1 soon.

Some of the recent distraction from my work has been because of Fat DJ's request for a website backend, so I gave him the backend of the Wrestling Oratory and crammed it into a design concept made by Project Wonderboy's whatever and created an abomination of Frankensteinian proportions, hell, I even threw in a blogger utility just for shits and giggles. The result... The Pop Cult, a commentary/opinion website of the likes of many others, which differs from those others in that this one is run by people we know instead of people we don't. The project is essentially complete now, so I hope to divert some energies back to writing more (which is all I ever hope, it seems).

I'm glad I got at least a few visitors here, and sometimes I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge them for stopping by, take this guy for instance...

from: "Rip"
Hmm....just doing my routine on your site, refreshing the page so I can see the randomized tags at the posts. I have seen two that I hope are satire, but I can not be sure. One is "I support Israel", and the other is "Palestinians shouldn't breed."

Well, to address the issue, Rip, I am 100% serious when I say I support Israel. Israel is a free nation based on the political and social revolution of a few Jewish settlers who had legitimately and peacefully colonized the land, to overthrow British rulers, who have since never been acknowledged or accepted by their Arab neighbors. The small sliver of Israel is not the totality of Palestine, the original Palestine consisted of Trans-Jordan, a region about 4 times the size of Israel that extends to the East, compromising multiple Arab nations today. Palestinians of today, the remainder refusing to settle peacefully or relocate, are in a tiny segment that is shunned by the rest of the Arab world, who even deny them citizenship. The only hope Palestine has to ever become a civilized nation lies in Israel's good graces, which Palestine tempts with it's childish, uncivilized and heartless terrorist attacks.

Palestinians outlandishly strap bombs to children and propagandize their populace with a media painting the Jew as the devil, and the reward for killing the Jew? Matyrdom and heaven. When I say "Palestinians shouldn't breed" it's because Palestinians have not developed a civilized society worth raising children in. Children should not be subject to the amazing bigotry and ignorance that the Palestinian popular society subjects them to.

Some people will argue that Israelis are the aggressors, and that Israelis complicate the problem. These are valid concerns but not valid arguments. The central precept of the American Revolution was based on the idea that when governments become oppressive they must be overthrown and replaced for governments that will provide for our future security. When Israel did that to the British masters of the territory, neighboring Arabs didn't help them, instead they fought against them. There is no quicker way to deny your right to rule yourself when you refuse to establish civil government or respect the governmental structures of others.

Palestinians, who claim to want "right of return" didn't fight for the land, and unlike what they may wish for you to believe, the exceedingly small territory of Israel was indeed largely colonized by Jews peacefully well prior to the liberation of the territory. Instead of rewarding Israelis in making the entire territory free, or negotiation for peaceful existance and even building a civil government, Palestinians have committed themselves to the doctrine of ethnic cleansing by any means, by supporting international terrorism and endorsing the bloody terrorist acts of their genocidal many.

There are really few black and white issues like that one. Americans are cynical and often too ignorant about the issue of the Israel/Palestinian conflict. Feel free to learn more about the conflict yourself and come to your own conclusions. If you ever want to ask me my opinion, well, you now have a good idea of what you're going to get.

I hope soon I can get working on some stuff for, although right now I'm more in a brainstorming phase. Those guys are doing an incredible job, there are great announcements to come, and I look forward to the exciting news. Everyone should be looking forward to Dateline next week, which I hear will be great coverage for PeeJ.

Until then, accept my sincere & humble assurances of respect,

- Good ol' PA