Noah, Part That Shit, It's A Flood!

My Thoughts On: September 9th, 2004

Well, normally I don't have to make a post regarding visitors because I don't get many, but there is some excellent recognition I've been getting for my Intelligent Looks at ICP's Career and their latest album, Hell's Pit. Even the official ICP website has taken a chance to acknowledge me. I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to the readers. I want to send thanks to,, and especially the message board threads that link to my article. I take the time to go to all those message boards and read your comments and it's really encouraging.

I would not consider myself a "Juggalo". However, I enjoy listening to music, especially music that tells a good story, and one particular band that stuck with me ever since I started listening was this unique group, the Insane Clown Posse. Violent J says his music is the best storytelling in music today, and I gotta say he's got a good damn argument. I appreciate the positive feedback on my articles and thank you all for reading.

While I got your attention however briefly, I'm writing another article to address why I don't consider myself a Juggalo, and just generally looking at "Juggaloism". The title of the article is going to be "What it means to be a Juggalo (and why I'm not one)" and I hope you guys pop back sometimes and check it out, it should be coming up in the following weeks. My looks at ICP and Hell's Pit were not intended for Juggalos, it was addressed to a general audience. This upcoming article will be just for you Juggalos.

Thanks for visiting and be sure to register for our message board, Monticello, to leave your comments if you liked the article.

P.S. One last thing... congratulations to ICP and Psychopathic Records for debuting at #12 on the Billboard top 200 without any national advertising, radio play, or television promotion. That may sound kinda low to some of you, but such a high opening week is unheard for any musician not listed on a major label and promoted via common commercial outlets.