An Update from PA

My Thoughts On: August 19th, 2004

As always, I got a couple of projects on the horizon, ready to come out, that I'm saving for the right moment to launch. Expect those projects to come out in the next couple of weeks, I am really excited to see them both go online.

Likewise, I recently put together two new 'NAM updates, including an Interview with Mr. Michael Badnarik, Presidential candidate, who I will most definitely be voting for. The second update was my long-needed address on the situation of foreign trade, the "Galt's Gulch Theory". Go check 'em out.

I'm currently working on a new Thomas Jefferson Journal update, which should be up today or tomorrow. I'm also going to add some more to the Little Black Book in the next few days, as I've been lazy with it recently.

PeeJ goes well, although with most things in order over there, I have little to participate in, besides menial chores. But hey, isn't that the ideal situation for any Lead Tech?

I also added a new photo to the end of my pictures, in My Interests.

All in all, things go well. Expect more updates soon, as always.