Kickin' back in gear.

My Thoughts On: May 4th, 2004

Well, things are slowly making their turn out of the slump into being more productive. I've started writing the evolving Little Black Book of Bills, and posted a new Deconstruction Era Essay. The old DEE articles are here, on my site, in my old archive. I've discontinued that series to begin anew, to allow my book to grow with the essays. TeeJ was updated a while ago, although I made no announcement here, and another update should be coming soon (in the next day or so, probably tomorrow).

As you can probably see by the fact that I have "Leave Your Comment" beneath this post, my site is now totally phpBB integrated. You can respond to this update, and any article. I have added this functionality to the Thomas Jefferson LiveJournal as well, creating a whole new forum for just that.

So, I hope you guys who do read these various writings stop in and say "Hi!" sometime. You must be a registered member of our Monticello forums to post, but most of you likely will be anyways. For those who aren't, the forums are becoming very popular so if you ever wanted and invitation or excuse to visit, here it is.