Update recognizing Holocaust Rememberance Day

My Thoughts On: April 18th, 2004

Retrospective comment (2009): I updated some of the links.

I wanted to add that April 18th is Holocaust Rememberance Day. In memory of those who died, I wanted to offer some links.

The United States Holocaust Museum


A cyber library of the Holocaust


The Jewish Virtual Library Holocaust page


I made the "Know True Evil" wallpaper series for the 'NAM to help remember those millions who died as a result of government tyranny. The Jewish victims of the Holocaust provide the starkest example of this senseless murder. My wallpaper for Nazi Germany (21 Million dead, best estimate) includes a picture of the Chelmno gas men, Jews interned in a gas chamber awaiting death. Those people were real, and they died to the Nazi nightmare. Today is the day we set aside to remember them. Here I've provided a link to download the wallpaper, hopefully to serve as a reminder of "True Evil" - the kind that causes Holocausts.

Nazi Germany 800x600 1024x768