12 Days of Liberty 2004, Day 12

My Thoughts On: April 13th, 2004

Retrospective comment (2009): Xavier's website has since moved to www.evilvigilante.com, I also created that version for him as well.

12 Days of Liberty (April 2nd-13th)

Day 12:

Well, today is the final day of our celebration. It's been a fun and productive time for me and I hope you all enjoyed the site upgrades. It's a great reminder of why I do what I do, which is part of what 12 Days is all about.

Today's final SuperPatriot.net update is not so much a major enhancement as it simply something made to make my life and Xavier's life a little easier. Xavier's AngryGerman.com got an update with a powerful new database and script, giving it a similar content management system that the entire network uses. Like the recent 'NAM script upgrades, the changes to AngryGerman.com are not very visible on the surface, so if you go there you probably won't offhand see the difference.

A new feature mended into the new script for AngryGerman.com and my own site allow us to post future articles/updates with comment threads in Monticello, like our Blogger system does. We stared at that Blogger script and asked ourselves, "Why are we giving OTHER people sites better than ours?", so I decided to do something about that.

This means registered Monticello users can browse future updates to AngryGerman.com and PAOracle.com and leave comments on our articles and writings. If you're reading material on our sites, just click the "leave a comment" link and leave your comments in our forums. This goes into effect for all our new articles from here on out.

AngryGerman.com also has a new "Printer Friendly" link at the bottom of each article. My site has a similar feature in the "Reader's Preferred and Print Friendly" skin.

As the archiving for AngryGerman.com from the old system to the new database occurs, there will be a few broken links on his page, but that should all be resolved by the end of the day.

We started this celebration on Thomas Jefferson's birthday (his original birthdate, the 2nd), which was also my birthday. Now we end it again on Jefferson's birthday (the federal holiday, the 13th), which is my friend Xavier's birthday. We all know Xavier's contributions to SuperPatriot.net, especially in being the director of operations at PeeJ, so everyone wish him a happy "I'm one year older than I was before"-day.

I hope to make this 12 Days of Liberty celebration something we do every year here at SuperPatriot.net, but we'll see how things go next year. With the burden of those projects now coming off my shoulders, I will have much more personal time to write and actually provide content for my website. TeeJ and the 'NAM should be my focus for a few months, and that's fine. I'm finished with the "Wealth of Nations" and will be reviewing the final book soon.

So thanks for joining us, and if you enjoyed any part of these 12 Days, just give our SuperPatriot.net sites bookmark or two and come back to see what kind of other new things we've got in the works.