12 Days of Liberty 2004, Day 11

My Thoughts On: April 12th, 2004

Retrospective comment (2009): This website is now in the form of a wiki, which I will (eventually) get around to finishing... although as I write this, it's 2009, and I still haven't done many major updates...

12 Days of Liberty (April 2nd-13th)

Day 11:

It's nearing the end of our celebration, but hey, things are still going strong. The next update to SP.net is very personal to me. It's an e-novel, not just any kind of e-novel, but an evolving one. You see, I live for internet publishing. It's what I do. I write for myself, I make things for others to write. PeeJ publishes information on the people we bust, the blogs are publishing resources for others, the 'NAM publishes my political works, this site publishes my own personal works.

So this new book is another test of my publishing skills. It's titled "The Little Black Book of Bills" and talks about the necessity for an era of deconstructing big government.

Now, the e-novel is evolving, it is not complete. In fact, right now, little of the book is even written, merely the introduction, the script for the book, and a short intro into Chapter 1. It will be updated in chunks, parallel to major editions of my "Deconstruction Era Essays" that will be posted to the 'NAM.

Since it's incomplete, and will be that way for a while, read or cite it with caution. I'm hoping the book's self exposure online will draw attention to it so it'll be worthwhile to publish when I finally complete it. If not, it'll be the source of a steady stream of new material, and keeps me mentally productive. If it does that much it justifies it's existence to me, and that's all that matters.

So, check it out.

The Little Black Book of Bills