12 Days of Liberty 2004, Day 4

My Thoughts On: April 5th, 2004

Retrospective comment (2009): As I write this it's 2009, we've closed the old Monticello forums that were launched on the date of this post, for a new "Office". This was because of the expansive growth of the Perverted Justice Foundation and its websites. Still, it was quite a change back then.

12 Days of Liberty (April 2nd-13th)

Day 4:

Yep! Day 4's long hard work is complete. The Monticello Forums are now online.

These are the next generation of our popular SuperPatriot.net forums. We welcome aboard the Counter Pedophilia Investigative Unit (CPIU.us), into our forums, a vital asset, especially for our anti-pedophilia efforts at PeeJ. Likewise, the gaming website Project Wonderboy has also joined our forum, adding a little variety. Expect similar additions soon.

This next generation forum is outfitted with an entirely new structure and series of skins, the forums are reorganized and everything is bigger and better than ever. In fact, it's too big, since it took me and Xavier ALL DAY do do the work behind these forums!

The return of the Chatterbox, amongst some other useful forum features, will enhance your forum browsing experience. Future additions to the forum in the form of more upgrades are coming soon, after all, it's only Day 4 of our celebration!

Check back tonight at midnight, PST, to see Day 5's special event. We're not even halfway through this very special time at SuperPatriot.net, expect more to come!