Update on new server, 12 Days, and the Rob Feinstein situation

My Thoughts On: March 4th, 2004

Retrospective comment (2009): These old posts make it sound like I was more active than I ever recall being. Hmph.

Okay guys, crazy shit going on. Between the web server and my 12 Days projects, I've had little time to do anything besides relax. I've been sick for the last few days too which hasn't helped any. A few comments from Good ol' PA before I head out tonight...

Most of my writing is on the backburner. I'm going to try to put out another TeeJ update this month, because TeeJ is the most important writing thing I'm doing right now.

There's tons of stuff coming in April. Read my announcement on SuperPatriot.net about it. Sure, it's more a teaser than anything, but when I say the network will be changed by it, it will.

The content just keeps rolling and I hope everything will be done by the end of the month. I fear compromising the celebration, but we'll see how I manage.

The Rob Feinstein situation is crazy. Me and Xavier are flabbergasted by it all. Being a wrestling fan and seeing this just fall into our laps like it has is just mind-blowing. He has more to worry about than just being exposed - I caught word that certain investigations may be launched into the people caught in this most recent group media. Law enforcement is becoming far more interested in the people we expose these days, a very positive trend to say the least.

I apologize for not writing and updating regularly more, but when you see all the content I'm pouring into the early April launches, you'll see why I was so busy now. When I start feeling better, my time will be almost totally preoccupied with it.

The new server is a fun project, but it's also very stressing. Hopefully everything levels out for a while soon and I can get back to being productive once again. With April's big stuff coming, I hope I can take the rest of the year and get back to pumping out content and relaxing.