Killin' time

My Thoughts On: July 18th, 2011

Explaining the long haitus from blogging

Well as you can probably see I've not updated anything really interesting on my personal website lately at all. It's not for lack of things to say, part of the reason I started a personal website is to index my thoughts just for my own sorta mental recategorization and filing. It's been very useful over the years but I've managed to figure out ways to do this without lengthy rambling to strangers, hence the ending of the blogs.

Such n' Stuff

Which isn't to say I don't still ramble - at length - to strangers. Lately I've been working in electronic sales and enjoying my time getting acquainted with that, meeting a lot of great people. Also I've spent a ridiculous, and somewhat obscene, amount of time playing Eve Online over the last couple of years. I could have just converted this blog into a game commentary site but there is enough of that online already and frankly nobody really needs my opinion on the matter. I swing on people's ears in corp voice comms in game enough as it is about stuff.

My opinions on politics and the world at large still remain largely the same. I'm actually enjoying the presidency of Barack Obama in a way I didn't think I would. The political discourse has a different tone and tenor because of the way he's handled the various situations he's faced with. He gave the kill order on Osama Bin Laden which really wins him some brownie points with me as I thought he'd let operations like that fall to the wayside during his stay in office. However don't let these comments make you think I agree with a lot of his policies, anyone who visits this page probably knows my points of view on that stuff and know full well that modern Democrat and Republican platforms just aren't cutting it in addressing the serious issues of the day. Politically though I think we're in a comfortable time, despite somewhat serious issues like high unemployment and the implications of unchecked national debt.

Seeking apples to fall on my head please

More or less I'm looking for inspiration at the moment, a muse maybe, for something new. I think maybe something awesome is just around the corner, but we'll have to just wait and see. Or perhaps I'm just an idealistic idiot and the only thing around the corner is more Eve Online, Cheesy Chicken Enchilada and car problems. Which is ultimately, fine by me. I may kick up a new video blog though, maybe. I guess I shouldn't even speculate on that though because if I don't actually get around to doing it I'll feel like an ass. However the desire to not feel like an ass is a strong motivator so we'll see.

What I'm up to

So as a final note, things I still update. I still watch IM and email, and thanks to Digsby I also keep an eye on Facebook and Myspace although I don't actively do much on those sites anymore, half the people I'm friended with I never really knew very well and probably will have no serious opportunity to get to know. I'm thinking about starting from scratch on the whole social media fad when I can get an invite to Google Plus. I also update the featured video on the right side once in a while, although lately it's been songs from Parappa the Rappa video games, for some reason or another (don't ask me, I'm clearly uninspired). I got a new phone with all sorts of internet-tastic features (Samsung Nexus S for the win) so it's easier for me to keep in touch with people via all that. Contact info on the right is still all up to date.

Your obedient and humble servant,

- Good ol' PA