Let's Play Muslim Massacre

My Thoughts On: August 22nd, 2008

So, I decided to break the monotony of work, work and more work with a little video game reprieve. What better time is there to genocidally kill some muslims?

Update: I apologize for the lack of viewing options, apparently reviewing an offensive video game is against the policies of Youtube and Viddler, so all I have left is Myspace. Please also read the disclaimer I've added before viewing...

Disclaimer: I thought I made it clear in the video that to take this game seriously enough to add any obligatory comment about it's offensive nature or to discuss the satire it plays upon is lending the game and the game maker too much credit. Some things are simple, this is just an arcade game with a offensive overtone, so I reviewed it as such. The game maker removed this game from the internet after he received a lot of death threats for making it, which to me is just silly, as it was silly when Youtube and Viddler removed my video reviewing it and demonstrating the gameplay. I say, if you're not an adult who can reconcile these issues for yourself without resorting to censorship, then shut off your computer and go read a book.

Runtime: 14:20
Watch it @ Myspace

The Pitch: For America!