Thoughts Episode 1 - Intro

My Thoughts On: May 22nd, 2008

Well, I decided that it was time to get into filming more video blogs, but I needed to change a few things, firstly the recording equipment. I liked the ol' Panasonic PVGS300, and still do a lot, but it's not conducive to doing online video blogs. So I replaced it with a Logitech Orbit AF webcam that does all the face tracking, auto-hue adjustment, and silly stuff like that. The software it comes with is perfect for short video clips, so I'm killing the large episode format.

The large episode format was something I enjoyed a lot. If I become independently wealthy with all the free time and money in the world to produce more, I will probably return to it. But there were a few things against it, that caused me to switch away from it:

1. The length was beyond what an average person would want to see. I need videos that are more "chicken soup for the soul", not "3-course dinner for the soul and the soul's entire extended family".

2. Editing is fun, really it is, but taking in excess of 10 hours to produce an hour long video is too much fun for one man to have. That is, if I want to sleep, eat, work, or do anything else with my life really.

3. The short video snippet in Episode 9 of my video blog had a Youtube watermark which triggered some kind of auto-copyright complaint. I don't know what part of it that did it, but I just removed the video. So no more embedded video... which means I'd better keep the video real short, for fear of boring you all to death.

So, here it is, my new series, "Thoughts". This is just a short video intro.

Runtime: 1:55
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The Pitch: Just my intro to the world of substantially shorter videos. Thank goodness for this excellent new webcam, uploading them is a breeze, the filesizes are perfect for online video blogging.