(VB9) 'To Hell With You!'

My Thoughts On: August 3rd, 2007

Minor video blog update action, covers a few topics. Been busy with website stuff and work so it took me a bit to get this up, but it's here for your perusal. Enjoy! Update: Youtube took it offline due to a bogus auto-generated copyright claim on one of the random snippets I used, so currently this video is only uploaded at Myspace and Viddler.

Runtime: 31:08
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The Pitch: A simple episode this time, covering the Ron Paul Campaign, my thoughts on Transformers & Evan Almighty, a review of some Games For Windows titles (Halo 2 PC & Shadowrun), a brief look at Jon Lovitz vs. Andy Dick, Michael Moore vs. CNN, and Chris Benoit vs. his wife & kid. My video vault segment is Gorillaz, "Rock the House" and I throw in my thoughts on Bob Ross for my personal icons segment.