(VB8) 'Such a Sum' (Presidential Debates Coverage)

My Thoughts On: May 28th, 2007

After a few production issues, I bring you the mammoth behemoth of my latest video blog. My video blogs will always be as long as I deem they need to be, and this one here, is one beast. It's full coverage of the first debates in both party's primaries, a look at all the candidates plus my commentary, both Democrat and Republican. Because of its size, it's split up into two parts on other services.

Runtime: 1:46:24 (yes, over one hour, get some popcorn or something)
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The Pitch: My Video Blogging efforts continue with this massive sit down commentary of the first wave of 2008 Presidential Debates, the first stage of each party's primaries, so hopefully I got to cover all the major party candidates. Included in this video is footage of the Democratic debates (April 26th), with my thoughts on candidates like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, as well as some of the sideliners like Dennis Kucinich, Bill Richardson, Chris Dodd, Joe Biden, and Mike Gravel. Then I cover the Republican debates (May 3rd) which includes my thoughts on frontrunners Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and Mitt Romney as well as some of the minor candidates such as Sam Brownback, Jim Gilmore, Mike Huckabee, Tom Tancredo, Tommy Thompson, and Ron Paul.

For those in the long haul through this massive two parter, I threw in a Video Vault segment featuring Jamiroquai, maybe to keep your mind off all the political humbuggery. Introduction is some of the nation's earliest audio comments of one of my favorite presidents, "Cool" Calvin Coolidge, from the roaring 20's.