(VB7) 'Dig It'

My Thoughts On: May 10th, 2007

I am back again with a new video blog update. I'm sorry for such a long delay, but to make up for it I also filmed part of the next video blog, so soon there will be yet another clip available. Once again, all your viewing options are listed below.

Runtime: 40:36
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The Pitch: After a long haitus I am back with a new video blog. Today's personal commentary is on DownsizeDC's Read The Bills Act, then I review Super Paper Mario, talk about the Digg/HD DVD revolt, Dell & Linux, and some random science news. This episode's Video Vault segment is on Kool Keith/Dr. Octagon, and my Icons segment is on Kurt Vonnegut.

Episode 8 is looking to be a great episode, as the whole show will be on one topic: the first wave of the 2008 Presidential debates! Both the first Democrat and Republican debates will be reviewed... again, that will be coming in a few days.