(VB5) 'Honest Expression'

My Thoughts On: January 5th, 2007

Guess who's still alive! Lots of topics for today's show, but first let me break down your viewing options...

Runtime: 34:19
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The Pitch: After a haitus during December, I'm back to cover a new variety of topics: the Nintendo Wii, the Microsoft/Novell merger, the death of Saddam Hussein, the death of Gerald Ford, the Iraq War "win/lose" attitude, and the hyperlitigous RIAA lawsuits. In my Video Vault segment I introduce Klaus Nomi, and in my personal icons segment I discuss Gen. Nguyen Ngoc Loan from the Vietnam War. The title of tonight's video blog is taken from a Bruce Lee interview which is shown at the start. Runtime: 34:19 Enjoy and leave feedback!

I also want to update to add a note that tonight a friend died. "Justicebot"/David Yonally, an avid supporter of Perverted Justice and filmmaker. I was really looking forward to showing him this video. Despite his hardships he seemed to enjoy life... he will be missed.