Everyone around the World says... &qout;Socialism WORKS!"
All around the world, Socialism WORKS!
"Socialism has worked for the world - and now it can work for you!"
History reminds us that Socialism WORKS!

Nazi Germany:

"Six Million dead Jews can't be Wrong!"

National Socialism, the doctrine of the National Socialist German Worker's Party (or the "Nazi" party), created much success and prosperity for war-torn Germany. Families were brought together and never before were the poor people of Germany brought to such economic heights. Guns were banned and crime was at an all-time low. Through systematic slaughter of the scientifically inferior Jews the master race could direct all of society through National Socialism, a system of redistribution of wealth that would allow the "superior race" to undemocratically rule under the hand of an infallible Fuhrer. Germany's heavy taxation and price controls under their centrally planned economy increased business for local traders while crushing evil corporations.

The Nazi "German Labor Front" concentrated all the unions into a single regulated super-union. The SS systematically captured and retained all free trade union's funds and property by occupying local banks which thus brought the entire worker's movement under sway of the German empire, whose rule, as the world knows, brought peace for all. Despicable union leaders who did not obey the infallible Fuhrer's ordinances, thus contradicting the peace and prosperity of Germany, were subject to: assault and battery; degrading work and work beyond their physical capacity; incarceration in concentration camps; solitary confinement; denial of adequate food; surveillance; arrest and maltreatment of members of their families; and murder. That's what they should get for organizing free trade when we all know free trade leads to conquest by the Jews.

By controlling the demands made by all workers the WWI poverty of Germany was relieved and freedom reigned. The state's absolute rule was meant to eliminate "private" property and make it owned by the "superior race" which ran the German state, headed, of course, by that infallible Fuhrer. Thanks to the German people, not only was the spread of the fanatical Jews controlled, but so was the post-WWI national German economic inflation.

Nazi Germany - just another example of how Socialism WORKS!

But did it really work?
Post Nazi-collapse saw WW2-ridden Germany occupied and it's economy crippled by enemies made by the aggressive German efforts at world conquest. Money was pressed to pay war debts, inflation rose as did unemployment.

A humiliated German people whose families were torn apart by German youth programs, military conscriptions, and union relegations as well as violent military rule saw "prosperity" for years to come - if prosperity is considered a desperate attempt at survival. German society was ruined as the reality of the Holocaust sank in and the blood of thousands of Jews was on German hands.

brought together:
Families were a secondary unit in German society, to the state. Often the state's youth programs would require parents revoke their child to the state for purposes ranging from military training to the genetic breeding of the "perfect Aryan race".

the poor people of Germany:
Coming out of WWI, Germany was suffering immense inflation. Their dollar value, as a result of brutal WWI reparations to the Allies, reduced the German Mark to 4,200,000,000,000 Marks to the Dollar. This lead to widespread poverty going into the Nazi era. Reform groups and nationalists began to rise, which lead to the rise of Hitler, but it was economic market loosening by the Allies and a revalued Mark based on gold - not Hitler reforms - which saw a strengthened German economy. It wasn't until the Nazis took power that they found ways to bolster the economy, most of which were merely Socialistic ruses (revoking private rights to print money, using barter trade, and creating a labor shortage by conscribing more labor - all only making the state "appear" to have no national debt, when it still had massive inequity). All the while Germans, desperate for finding a reason for their poor economy, began to become more easily persuaded by the dogma of anti-semiticism and Jewish subversion.

economic heights:
The post-WW2 German economy was in fact crushed by years of war, high taxation, suppression of major industry in favor of local business, and economic manipulation by the omnipotent state.

Guns were banned:
Guns being banned is the trademark of a Socialist society levying for control. By disarming their populace, they disarmed the only resistance to their assumption of totalitarian rule. Unfortunately, Nazi ideas about gun regulation still exist today. "Sporting use", the idea that guns can only be legitimately used if "for sporting activities" (such as hunting, shooting contests, etc.) originated from a Nazi law imported by Senator Tom Dodd in his 1968 Gun Control Act. Gun ownership is a vital part of private property and we'll come back to this point time and time again - no Socialism can resist taking away your rights to own firearms and defend yourself with them.

crime was at an all-time low:
Crime actually was significantly up during the Nazi occupation, but that may have been because more things were criminal. For example, being a Jew was a crime.

scientifically inferior Jews:
A confused and impoverished German people sought extremist reasons for why their nation was in the state is was, as many in that upcoming generation were not directly involved in WWI and didn't know the WWI impact first-hand. The iconic Jew was put to blame by some nationalistic circles, which eventually came to power. Associated to this "scientifically inferior" racist mentality was the attachment to Jews the "evils" of big business, the "social irresponsibility" of free-market trading and other various social ills (such as prostitution and poverty).

master race:
Just as there was a "inferior" race, the natural German or "Aryan" races were considered the genetic peak. This mentality lead the Germans to believe it's their natural right to rule over "inferior" classes of humans. The mentality of Socialistic nationalism at play.

National Socialism:
"National Socialism" is the Nazi party ideology. It basically consists of loose and general criticisms of free markets, enforced by the anti-semantic dogma that Jews are the source of all domestic evils. It's very wavy but is generally against private property, and in favor of absolute state control of the economy. Because of the anti-semitic dogma which drives the movement, killing hundreds of thousands of Jews (along with the Nazi's political opponents) was an inevitable side-effect.

system of redistribution of wealth:
Nazis used control over the trade unions to dictate production, and also conscribed labor for various jobs. So essentially, the Nazis aimed towards a system which allowed them to conscribe all labor and distribute all produce - equally - as popular demand insisted it. Well, equally amongst the Aryans and citizens, that is. The ruling class of course aimed higher, and insisted the Jews get nothing.

undemocratically rule:
Hitler's party claimed it's moral right to rule, and once it came to power, fair democratic elections were all but totally abolished. Hitler played on the German president Hindenburg's fear of Communists and got a "Law for the Protection of the People and the State" passed, which allowed him to bar other Socialists and Communists from the elections. Hitler had another bill, the Enabling Law, passed with SA and SS agents bullying contesting politicians from the meeting where the bill was to be voted on. After these bills were passed, Hitler got the vast amount of power he required and he ended fair elections and the formation of new parties. The Nazi party was made the only legal political party July 14th, 1933.

infallible Fuhrer
"Hitler is always right and he will always be right." - Rudolf Hess, Dokumente der Deutschen Politik II

heavy taxation and price controls:
Nazis put price controls on wartime products to buy them easily, and instituted heavy taxes on businesses and wage workers to support their war efforts. Workers were actually growing their own food and going to the countryside to barter for food on account of these price control provisions. Most of these abuses lead to the broken 1948 Germany economy, which, when corrected by post-WW2 leadership, bolstered the German economy to it's modern (generally prosperous) state.

centrally planned economy:
The Nazi's controlled virtually all aspects of trade from the unionized labor to the actual prices of produce. Their centrally planned economy broke down during the wartime period when it became obvious that putting production needs for armed divisions first hindered the ability of factories to produce wartime goods.

evil corporations:
The anti-semiticism of Nazi nationalism often associated big business and free trade with Jewish movements, which, of course, Nazis viewed as "subversive" to the "rule of the master race".

The Nazi secret police, the SS (along with their subordinate grunts, the SA's) are known for carrying out the Nazi's orders domestically. The SS and SA are also attached to everything from murders, assault, bribery, and sabotage.

brought peace for all:
This peace came in the form of the world's largest war, World War 2, with the death of roughly 5 million Jews during the Holocaust, and a German loss of about 3.5 million military troops and 3.8 million civilians. This goes on top of the people Nazis were responsible for murdering throughout the years. These totals rank among the highest war casualties in human history. "Peaceful", indeed.

free trade leads to conquest by the Jews
Nazi propaganda often held the Jew as the ominous spectre always conspiring to take over German culture and subvert it. Would free trade have done Germany wrong? You be the judge.

freedom reigned:
The Nazi's always suggested that the natural rule of the master race would lead to freedom for the common man. Domestic freedom and liberty, however, could not have been more constrained in Nazi, Germany. The populace either blindly obeyed the Fuhrer or lived in a state of fear of him, as everything but being an Aryan Nazi was made illegal. Churches were openly brutalized by Nazi SS and SA officers. Dissent was not tolerated by the Nazis. Freedom? Again, you be the judge.

"private" property:
Private property was allowed in title, but not in practice. The Nazi government, under control of the Fuhrer, dictated the ownership of the means of production - which in turn controls the use of all private property. "Private" property was often considered a construct of Jewish greed, and was shunned by Nazi supporters.

the spread of the fanatical Jews controlled
The Nazis eventually found a way to "control" the "evil" influence of the Jews by using a "final solution". This came in the form of death camps which were constructed to efficiently kill and torture millions of Jews. This racism-fueled nationalism was a strong part of supporting Nazi Socialism - and it was not the last time for a Socialistic nation to experience a history of gruesome bloodshed as a result of such extremist beliefs.

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