Everyone around the World says... &qout;Socialism WORKS!"
All around the world, Socialism WORKS!
"Socialism has worked for the world - and now it can work for you!"
Our future leaders all say "Socialism WORKS!"

America's Youth:

"International Youths for Democratic National Socialism Green Communism Front - Join Today!"

The young people have always been the driving force of Socialism, and it's no different today. History shows us how youth plays a role in the rise of Socialism, and if history hasn't shown that Socialism is a success, then what has it shown? Colleges are robust with Socialism as our professors illustrate the future of Socialism more vibrantly than they ever have before. Socialism promises a new future for our young people full with the hope of a new equality. Student rebellions pave the way for a brighter tomorrow, contrasting the old and outdated beliefs of our forefathers and their declarations. As students in Berkeley rebel against grades, their teachers prepare assignments exposing the faults of Capitalism. All you need to do is watch your television, as the anti-globalizationist environmentalist protesters of today become the teachers, professors and leaders of tomorrow.

Socialism WORKS!, just ask your kids!

But does it really work?
History shows us how youth plays a role in the rise of Socialism:
Youth groups not only helped many Socialist nations come into power, but it helped them stay there. The young Red Guards of Communist China terrorized political dissidents of Mao's order, while in WWII Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy students were forced into Socialist education camps. Children are the foothold into the household, as the Nazis found out, when Nazi youth programs were used to spy on parents by being encouraged to report what they said. Socialist nations often found out that older people were more resistant to their propaganda and principles, so they targeted the youth to gain a foothold in society.

then what has it shown?:
Socialist governments are plagued by economic, domestic and foreign problems. However, it's espoused more today by American youth than any other ideology. The romantic and idealistic concept of a Socialist Utopia is an idea so far outside being testable that it's credible for young people to believe. History shows that it has never lived up to these great expectations.

Colleges are robust with Socialism:
Modern day Socialism proliferates on college campuses, adopted by our youth but spread by our 10,000+ openly Socialist professors. Despite this compendium of dialogue on the subject, no real efforts have been made to show that Socialism works or that it is worth teaching in the first place.

illustrate the future of Socialism:
The young person's vision of a Socialist-style government may be in a future with high technology, a booming economy and clean environment - all along with a government centrally planning it all. The only problem is, the first three conditions are contrary to the last. Socialist central planning is coupled with declining economies, environments and innovations - and worse yet, increased violence and public unrest.

Socialism promises a new future for our young people:
The promises made by Socialist professors and teachers in schools give children ideas that have already been tried repeatedly over the last hundred years, with repeated failure. This "new future" looks a lot like the "old future".

Student rebellions pave the way for a brighter tomorrow:
With anti-war, anti-globalization, and environmentalist rallies being at an all-time high in attendance, frequency, and organization, it's no wonder that college campuses and high schools have students planning out picket signs for marches. In most recent public demonstrations, such as the anti-"War on Iraq" protests, the attendees were largely under the age of 25, and most were promoting some other form of anti-Capitalist agenda. The success of these protests is evident in their ability to create unnecessary mass chaos and civil unrest for fear of violence.

the old and outdated beliefs of our forefathers and their declarations:
One of the biggest problems with growing government stems from the fact that few people ever learn about the strict written law behind it. This problem starts in the schools, where government is typically taught more as a hypothetical problem solving body, moreso than a strictly principled agent defined by written law.

students in Berkeley rebel against grades:
Students had excellent living conditions on a beautiful campus with highly paid teachers; all were in middle class households and none in the 800+ strong protest complained about hunger or financial problems. So, why the revolt? Students wanted revised cohabitation rules and abolition of grades and exams, amongst other childish complaints. The protest was venting for Socialist causes moreso than it was actually protesting any issue. This trend made the mold for organized student protests, which now have a rich history of protesting for Socialistic causes before any actual stated protest cause.

their teachers prepare assignments exposing the faults of Capitalism:
Student rebellion of one generation reciprocates into the teaching and leadership of the next. Many college professors embrace the same movements they participated in when young, and in our decade, this generation and the last generation looked very much alike. And both were against Capitalism.

the teachers, professors and leaders of tomorrow:
Socialists have a virtual monopoly over education, and, if left unchallenged, the next generation will have an even stronger grip. If the idea that Socialism doesn't work is going to be seriously considered, then word of it needs to be spread to both the children and the adults, and soon. But whether or not this accurate of the agenda and mentality of some, if not most teachers, is something we'll leave, as always, for the reader to decide. But some teacher's goals cannot be stated more clearly than they are already...

"Every child in America entering school at the age of five is mentally ill because he comes to school with certain allegiances to our Founding Fathers, toward our elected officials, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being, and toward the sovereignty of this nation as a separate entity. It's up to you as teachers to make all these sick children well - by creating the international child of the future."

- Chester M. Pierce, M.D., Professor of Education and Psychiatry at Harvard

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